The Lakes District attractions

Arts Center in Frutillar

Teatro del Lago

This amazing 12-years-in-the-making, US$25-million world-class performing-arts center opened in 2010, and has single-handedly put Frutillar on the global cultural map. The striking copper-roofed structure is a thing…
Nature Preserve in Osorno Coast

Territorio Mapa Lahual

Territorio Mapa Lahual protects some 60,000 hectares of mature forest and indigenous territories south of San Juan de la Costa and into Río Negro province. It began after a decade of sustainable tourism research by …
National Park in The Lakes District

Parque Nacional Puyehue

Parque Nacional Puyehue protects 1070 sq km of stark landscape defined by sand dunes and lava rivers, the result of Volcán Puyehue's 1960 eruption that turned a dense, humid evergreen forest into an otherworldly con…
Nature Reserve in Río Puelo

Parque Tagua-Tagua

Carved out of virgin Valdivian rainforest 15km east of Puelo, Parque Tagua-Tagua is southern Chile's latest park. A private initiative funded by Universidad Mayor in Santiago and managed by Mítico Puelo Lodge and Mi…
Waterfall in Petrohué

Saltos del Petrohué

Six kilometers southwest of Petrohué, the Saltos del Petrohué is a rushing, frothing waterfall raging through a narrow volcanic rock canyon carved by lava. Anyone wondering why the rafting trips don’t start from the…
Architecture in Puerto Varas

Paseo Patrimonial

Many notable constructions in town are private houses from the early 20th century. Grab a city map at the tourist office to follow the Paseo Patrimonial, a walking tour of historic homes listed as Monumentos Naciona…
Museum in Frutillar

Museo Histórico Alemán

The Museo Histórico Colonial Alemán was built with assistance from Germany and is managed by the Universidad Austral. It features nearly perfect reconstructions of a water-powered mill, a blacksmith's house and a fa…
Museum in Puerto Octay

Museo de Puerto Octay

A small but well-done museum inside the historic 1920 Casa Niklitschek telling the story of Puerto Octay via antiques.
Archaeological Site in Puerto Montt

Monte Verde

A small child's footprint discovered in a marshy field 28km west of Puerto Montt turned the archaeological world on its head in 1975 – evidence of human settlement in the Americas suddenly predated the long-accepted…
Market in Puerto Montt

Av Angelmó Street Stalls

Along busy, diesel-fume-laden Av Angelmó is a dizzying mix of streetside stalls (selling artifacts, smoked mussels, cochayuyo – an edible sea plant – and mysterious trinkets), craft markets and touristy seafood rest…