Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Temuco

Fundación Chol-Chol

The most responsible spot to buy Mapuche gear is located 16km out of town. This nonprofit, Fair Trade organization works with 600 rural Mapuche women to offer top-quality weavings and textiles made entirely by hand.…
Arts & Crafts in Villarrica

Feria Artesanal

The Feria Artesanal has all the typical tourist wares.
Arts & Crafts in Puerto Varas

Fundación Artesanías de Chile

A not-for-profit foundation offering beautiful Mapuche textiles as well as high-quality jewelry and ceramics from all over southern Chile.
Market in Temuco

Mercado Municipal

One full city block with gleaming treasures hidden in the bric-a-brac.
Arts & Crafts in Villarrica

Pueblito Artesanal

Small handicrafts fair next to Villarrica's new Centro Cultural Villarrica.
Arts & Crafts in Villarrica

Centro Cultural Mapuche

A good spot for Mapuche figures carved from laurel wood and raulí wood bowls.
Shopping in Puerto Montt

Mall Paseo Costanera

Puerto Montt's best shopping mall.
Arts & Crafts in Puerto Varas

Feria Artesanal

Typical tourist wares.
Arts & Crafts in Valdivia

Artesanía Ruca Indiana

For Mapuche crafts, try Artesanía Ruca Indiana.
Arts & Crafts in Valdivia

Feria Artesanal Camino de Luna

Feria Artesanal Camino de Luna is a good spot to pick up wooden handicrafts or woolen goods.