Top things to do

Top Choice Cemetery in Punta Arenas

Cementerio Municipal

Among South America’s most fascinating cemeteries, with both humble immigrant graves and flashy tombs, like that of wool baron José Menéndez, a scale replica of Rome’s Vittorio Emanuele monument, according to Bruce …
Top Choice Chilean in Punta Arenas

La Marmita

This classic bistro enjoys wild popularity for its lovely, casual ambiance and tasty fare. Besides fresh salads and hot bread, hearty dishes such as casseroles or seafood hark back to grandma’s cooking, Chilean styl…
Top Choice Contemporary in Puerto Natales

The Singular Restaurant

The perfect port in a storm, part supper club of yore, part modern bistro, with exquisite food and attentive service. Leather sofas and polished wood meet bare beams and stark views of the sound. Chef Pasqualetto r…
Sandwiches in Punta Arenas

El Mercado

This local institution serves an assortment of seafood specials, from scallops stewed in garlic sauce, to baked creamed centolla to mussels a la parmesana. There's a full bar, English menu and cheaper sandwiches.
Chilean in Punta Arenas


An innovative mainstay with homey atmosphere. Garlic soup made with fragrant beef broth is a good starter, even shared. Game dishes are the house specialty, but the delicate merluza negra (black hake) shouldn’t be m…
Landmark in Punta Arenas

Club de la Unión

Facing the north side of the Plaza Muñoz Gamero is the Club de la Unión, the former Sara Braun mansion, some rooms of which are open for public visits.
Supermarket in Punta Arenas


A large, well-stocked supermarket.
Duty Free in Punta Arenas

Zona Franca

The duty-free zone is a large, polished conglomeration of shops that is worth checking out if you’re looking for electronics, outdoor gear, computer accessories or camera equipment. Colectivos (shared taxis) shuttle…
Parrilla in Puerto Natales

Asador Patagónico

If trekking left you with a mastodon appetite, this upscale Argentine-style grill serves flame-seared lamb, steak and salads, as well as sweetbreads, alongside quality wines.
Cafe in Puerto Natales

El Living

Indulge in the London lounge feel of this chill cafe, one of Natales' first. There’s fresh vegetarian fare (plus vegan, gluten-free), stacks of European glossies and a hidden backyard with outdoor tables.