Cafe in Santiago

Café Bistro de la Barra

Worn old floor tiles, a velvet sofa, 1940s swing and light fittings made from cups and teapots make a quirky-but-pretty backdrop for some of the best brunches and onces (afternoon tea) in town. The rich sandwiches i…
Cafe in Santiago

Café Melba

Eggs and bacon, muffins, bagels and gigantic cups of coffee are some of the all-day breakfast offerings at this cozy cafe run by a New Zealand expat. Well-stuffed sandwiches and heartier dishes like green fish curry…
Cafe in Santiago

El Huerto

This earthy restaurant's healthy, vegetarian-focused fare is a big hit with both hip young things and ladies who lunch. Come for egg-white omelets, strawberry smoothies, quinoa salads and wonderfully rich desserts w…