Top Choice Chilean in Santiago


Without a doubt one of the most unique culinary experiences in Chile, this Bellavista upstart is innovating Chilean cuisine by looking back to the culinary roots of the Mapuche, Easter Islanders and Quechua.
Top Choice French in Santiago

Peluquería Francesa

This is one of Santiago's more innovative dining experiences. The name means 'French barbershop,' and that's exactly what this elegant corner building, dating from 1868, originally was. Decorated with quirky antique…
Top Choice Seafood in Santiago

Mercado Central

Santiago's wrought-iron fish market is a classic for seafood lunches (and hangover-curing fish stews like the tomato- and potato-based caldillo de congrio, Pablo Neruda's favorite). Skip the touristy restaurants in …
Chilean in Santiago

La Diana

Attached to a children’s arcade of the same name and built within the walls of an old monastery, La Diana defies easy description. Its ceilings are adorned with as many potted plants as chandeliers, its tables are a…
Vegetarian in Santiago


In a neighborhood brimming with vegetarian options – a rarity in this meat-minded country – Malvarosa stands out as the best of the bunch. Its pea-green walls, tabletop doilies and fairy tale-inspired menu may have …
Chilean in Santiago

Salvador Cocina y Café

This no-frills two-story lunch spot packs a surprising punch with market-focused menus that change daily and highlight unsung dishes (and exotic meats) from the Chilean countryside. Chef Rolando Ortega won Chile’s c…
Chilean in Santiago

Fuente Las Cabras

Imagine if a top chef took over the reins of an American diner. That, in essence, is what award-winning chef Juan Pablo Mellado has done with this fuente de soda (soda fountain) where he re-envisions fast food stapl…
Chilean in Santiago

Palacio del Vino

This no-frills ‘wine palace’ gets high marks for both atmosphere and price. Not only is it located in a character-rich heritage building in Barrio Brazil, but you can get a glass of wine for CH$2000 and a seafood di…
Chilean in Santiago

Aquí Está Coco

This beautifully restored mini-mansion – reconstructed with sustainable building materials – houses one of Providencia's hippest dining venues. The name, translating to 'Here's Coco,' refers to the imaginative owner…
Chilean in Santiago

Sur Patagónico

Service is notoriously slow here, but if you can score one of the pretty sidewalk tables on this well-traveled corner, you might not mind – the people-watching is fantastic, especially if you have a cold Chilean mic…