Travel with Children

Santiaguinos are family oriented and usually welcome travelers with children. Kids stay up late and often accompany their parents to parties or restaurants, where they order from the regular menu rather than a separate one for children. That said, most kiddy-oriented activities here are helpful distractions rather than standout sights. In a pinch, children also love creamy Chilean ice cream, which is available everywhere, and the clowns and acrobats that put on performances in the Plaza de Armas and Parque Forestal on weekends. Trips to the Cajón del Maipo or ski areas make great quick getaways.

Fantasilandia Give your children their dose of adrenaline and cotton candy at this colorful amusement park. Check the Fantasilandia website for further information, updates, frequent promotions and discounts.

Cerro San Cristóbal Your one-stop shop for good clean fun is Cerro San Cristóbal, which combines a modest zoo, two great outdoor swimming pools and a well-maintained playground with interesting transport, including a creaky funicular and new Teleférico cable cars with panoramic views.

Museo Interactivo Mirador The stimulus is more intellectual (but still fun) at the Museo Interactivo Mirador. Forget 'do not touch': you can handle, push, lie on and even get inside most of the exhibits. For ages four and up.

Museo Artequín Education and entertainment come together at the Museo Artequín, a museum that showcases copies of famous artworks, hung at children's height in a striking cast-iron and glass structure that was once used as Chile's pavilion in the 1889 Paris Exhibition.