Santiago in detail

Planning Tips


  • Lonely Planet ( Destination information, hotel bookings, traveller forum and more.
  • Chile ( Official website of the tourism board.
  • Santiago Times ( English-language news about Santiago and beyond.
  • Revista Revolver ( English-language event listings and local knowledge.
  • Estoy ( Listings of cultural events across Santiago.
  • Saborizante ( Cultural news and event listings.
  • Santiago Tourist ( Blog with helpful tips on visas, sending mail or exchanging money.

Top Tips

  • Once in the arrivals hall of the airport, avoid the taxi drivers and go straight to the desks for flat-rate taxis or shared shuttles.
  • It's often faster to travel around central Santiago by metro than by taxi, though the trains at rush hour can be uncomfortably crowded.
  • Make lunch your largest meal of the day and you can save big with cheap three-course fixed meals at most central cafes.
  • Always pack an extra layer of clothing when headed out for the day as, regardless of the season, Santiago experiences large temperature drops in the evenings.
  • Memorizing a few key words in Spanish can go a long way when navigating around the city.