Tourist Information in Santiago

Departamento de Extranjería

It costs US$100 to renew a tourist card for 90 more days at the Departamento de Extranjería. Take with you photocopies of your passport and tourist card. You can also visit the Departamento de Extranjería in any of …
Tourist Information in Santiago

Dirección de Fronteras y Límites

Climbers intending to scale border peaks like the Pallachatas or Ojos del Salado must have permission from Chile’s Dirección de Fronteras y Límites. It’s possible to request permission prior to arriving in Chile; a …
Enviromental Group in Santiago


Environmentalists, including the Chilean environmental organization Oceana, have expressed their concerns about the negative effects of the salmon industry directly to the Chilean government.
Tourist Information in Santiago


Visit for trekking and mountaineering information, as well as national park publications (mostly in Spanish) that you can read in the library or photocopy for the road.
Enviromental Group in Santiago

Fundación Terram

Fundación Terram, which closely monitors the Chilean salmon industry, has published reports over a range of topics from working conditions to environmental damage.
Travel Agency in Santiago

Chilean Travel Service

Chilean Travel Service has well-informed multilingual staff and can organize accommodations and tours all over Chile through your local travel agency.
Tourist Information in Santiago

Municipal Tourist Office

Well-meaning but under-resourced staff provide basic maps and information. There's also a small gallery and a shop with Chilean products.
Hospital in Santiago

Clínica Alemana

One of the best – and most expensive – private hospitals in town with English- and German-speaking staff.
Embassy in Santiago

US Embassy

You must schedule an appointment online prior to visiting the embassy for all non-emergency situations.
Tourist Information in Santiago

Federación de Andinismo

Spanish-language info and courses on mountaineering, rock climbing and other outdoor pursuits.