Chile in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Entry is generally straightforward as long as your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your arrival date.

Customs Regulations

Check Chilean customs ( for what and how much you can take in and out of the country.

  • No restrictions on import and export of local and foreign currency. Duty-free allowances include purchases of up to US$500.
  • Inspections are usually routine, although some travelers have had more thorough examinations. Travelers leaving the duty-free Regións I and XII are subject to internal customs inspections.
  • When entering the country, check your bags for food. There are heavy fines for fruit, dairy, spices, nuts, meat and organic products. SAG (Servicio Agrícola-Ganadero; Agriculture and Livestock Service) checks bags and levies fines to prevent the spread of diseases and pests that might threaten Chile's fruit exports.
  • X-ray machines are used at major international border crossings, such as Los Libertadores (the crossing from Mendoza, Argentina) and Pajaritos (the crossing from Bariloche, Argentina).


Generally not required for stays of up to 90 days. Australian citizens must pay a US$117 'reciprocity fee' when arriving by air.

Further Information

  • Nationals of the US, Canada, Australia and the EU do not need a visa to visit Chile.
  • Passports are obligatory and are essential for cashing traveler's checks, checking into hotels and other routine activities.
  • Always carry your passport: Chile's police can demand identification at any moment, and many hotels require you to show it at check-in.
  • If your passport is lost or stolen, notify the police, ask them for a police statement, and advise your consulate as soon as possible.

Tourist Cards

On arrival, you'll be handed a 90-day tourist card in the form of a receipt with bar code. Don't lose it! If you do, go to the local policía internacional or the nearest police station. You will be asked for it upon leaving the country.

It's possible to renew a tourist card for 90 more days at the Departamento de Extranjería. Bring photocopies of your passport and tourist card. You can also visit the Departamento de Extranjería in a regional capital. Many visitors prefer a quick dash across the Argentine border and back.

Onward Tickets

Chile requires travelers to have a return or onward ticket. You may be asked to provide evidence at the flight counter in your departure country. The solution is to either purchase a refundable return air ticket or get the cheapest possible onward bus ticket from a bus company that offers online sales and print your receipt.