Top Choice Resto-Bar in Villarrica

The Travellers

Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Italian – it's a passport for your palette at this resto-bar that is ground zero for foreigners. A makeover marries classic album covers and postcards from amigos the world over with …
Top Choice Chilean in Chiloé

La Cocinería Dalcahue

Tucked behind the crafts market, this is the place to go for a true taste of local color. It's a collection of kitchenette stalls run by grandmotherly types dishing up curanto and cazuela, pounding out milcao (potat…
Middle Eastern in Norte Chico

Club Social Arabe

This delightfully airy neocolonial restaurant with a lofty atrium and deferential waiters serves excellent Middle Eastern dishes – stuffed grape leaves, summer squash or red peppers and baklava – and equally good Ch…
in Southern Heartland

Doña Emilia

A far cry from the home-style cooking of downtown Rancagua (both geographically and conceptually), the beautifully presented French and Spanish fare here has turned Doña Emilia into a local foodie landmark. Book a t…
Cafe in Chile Chico

Café Elizabeth y Loly

Considering this is Chile Chico, this quirky stop is a café-culture hotspot, serving strong coffee and authentic baklava.
in Villarrica

El Rey del Marisco

There’s a perfect balance of whimsical aquatic art and colorful tablecloths at this don’t-miss seafooder. There are 29 types of fish and the chef has worked all over Chile. Start with the near-perfect pisco sours an…
Chilean in Chiloé


Dalcahue's top seafooder, doing excellent steamed fresh fish (al jugo, CH$3900) and caldillo de mariscos (shellfish stew, CH$2300), among others.
Chilean in Villarrica

Hostería de la Colina

This excellent restaurant, worth trying even if you're not staying at the hostería, does Chilean and international comfort food that is comida (food) cut from a different cloth. The limited seasonal, daily changing …
Desserts in Villarrica

Huerto Azul

Blindingly blue, this fabulous gourmet store/ice-cream parlor dares you to walk in without stumbling out in a sugar coma.
Pizza in Villarrica

El Sabio

A friendly Argentine couple runs the show here, creating fantastic, uncut oblong pizzas served on small cutting boards. Forget everything you thought you knew about pizza in Chile.