Transbordador Austral Broom

Ferry in Punta Arenas

Operates three ferries to Tierra del Fuego from the Tres Puentes ferry launch. The car and passenger ferry to/from Porvenir (CH$6200/39,800 per person/vehicle, 2½ to four hours) usually leaves at 9am but has some afternoon departures; check the current online schedule. From Punta Arenas, it's faster to do the Primera Angostura crossing (CH$1700/15,000 per person/vehicle, 20 minutes), northeast of Punta Arenas, which sails every 90 minutes between 8:30am and 11:45pm.

Broom sets sail for Isla Navarino's Puerto Williams (reclining seat/bunk CH$108,000/151,000 including meals, 30 hours) about six times per month, including every Thursday (with a return journey on Saturday).