Pizza in Punta Arenas

La Mesita Grande

If you're homesick for Brooklyn, La Mesita Grande might do the trick. This mod exposed-brick pizzeria serves them up thin and crisp, with organic toppings and pints of local brew. Save room for their homemade ice cr…
Sandwiches in Punta Arenas

El Mercado

This local institution serves an assortment of seafood specials, from scallops stewed in garlic sauce, to baked creamed centolla to mussels a la parmesana. There's a full bar, English menu and cheaper sandwiches.
Sandwiches in Punta Arenas

Kiosco Roca

An irresistable stop, with locals patiently waiting for counter stools and U of Chile paraphenilia plastering the walls. They only turn out bite-sized sandwiches with chorizo or cheese or both, best paired with a ba…
Cafe in Punta Arenas

Café Almacen Tapiz

Cloaked in alerce shingles, this lively cafe makes for an ambient coffee break. In addition to gorgeous layer cakes, there’s salads and pita sandwiches with goat cheese, meats or roasted veggies.
Diner in Punta Arenas


Chile’s answer to the sidecar diner is this atmospheric cafe where cooks flip dripping made-to-order burgers at a center-stage griddle. Portions are generous but the service dallies.
Cafe in Punta Arenas

Los Inmigrantes

In the historic Croatian neighborhood, this cafe serves decadent cakes in a room full of interesting relics from Dalmatian immigrants.
Market in Punta Arenas

Mercado Municipal

Fish and vegetable market with cheap second-floor cocinerías (eateries), a great place for inexpensive seafood dishes.
Cafe in Punta Arenas

Imago Cafe

A hip 2nd-story nook overlooking the city, with loose-leaf teas, fair-trade coffee and sandwiches.