Top Choice American in Puerto Varas

La Gringa

Evoking the rainy-day cafes of the American Pacific Northwest, this charming spot run by an adorable Seattleite dishes up scrumptious muffins and baked goods, creative sandwiches (pulled pork with coffee glaze) and …
Top Choice Pub Food in Puerto Varas

La Jardinera

Featuring one of the most eclectic menus in town, the friendly Chilean couple running this cozy spot in a transformed home learned the art of fish and chips, shrimp green curry and – wait for it – warm sticky toffee…
Cafe in Puerto Varas

Café Dane's

This local favorite sums up the hybrid history of the region within its walls: küchen and empanadas, Alpen architecture and Spanish menus, apfelstrudel (apple strudel) and pastel de choclo (maize casserole). It's on…
Steak in Puerto Varas

La Marca

This is the spot in Puerto Varas for devout carnivores to delight in serious slabs of perfectly grilled beef. You won't find any obnoxious rancho decor here – it's all very subtle and stylish with sweet service to b…
Chilean in Puerto Varas


Though a bit cramped, Puerto Varas' most intimate, interesting and best seafooder beckons lake and Calbuco views. Highlights of the innovative menu include divine crab-stuffed piquillo peppers and a long list of fre…
Chilean in Puerto Varas

El Patio de Mi Casa

This classy neighborhood Chilean is true to its name: it's hidden away on the back patio of the chef's home. Amid creative and cutesy decor touches like kindling as wall art, sophisticated regional fare (mostly lomo…
in Puerto Varas


Divine contemporary Patagonian specialties such as Magellanic lamb and native rabbit are worth forking over the pesos for a special night out at this high-end haute restaurant in a large house accented with local ar…
Cafe in Puerto Varas

The Office

Overlooking the plaza, this artsy cafe does messy gourmet sandwiches big enough to share, along with organic coffee and good-value steaks, in a stylish, multiroom environment.
Chilean in Puerto Varas

Donde El Gordito

This down-to-earth local's favorite is an intimate seafooder in the Mercado Municipal. It does wonderful things with crab sauce. It's rich but excellent.