Top things to do in Puerto Río Tranquilo

Top Choice Cafe in Puerto Río Tranquilo

Mate y Truco

This cheerful button-sized cafe redeems the local dining scene with its thin-crust pizza, homemade gnocchi and steak with morel-mushroom sauce. It's just a two-woman show, so chill with a local microbrew or espresso…
Landmark in Puerto Río Tranquilo

Capilla de Mármol

Well worth the detour, these sculpted geological formations are accessible by boat on Lago General Carrera. Trips in small motorized boats or kayaks only go out in calm boating conditions. If you're driving, continu…
Craft Beer in Puerto Río Tranquilo

Cervecería Río Tranquilo

Facing the tourism kiosk, this welcoming pub slash man-cafe makes beer on-site, served with intimidating plates of chorrillana: a bomb of fries with meat or fried onions and peppers topped with a few fried eggs.
Chilean in Puerto Río Tranquilo

Donde Kike

This small cafe in front of the gas station does decent Chilean classics – from soups to meat or fish with rice and potatoes – with the limited ingredients that arrive in the region.