Boat in Puerto Natales

Navimag Ferry

For many travelers, a journey through Chile's spectacular fjords aboard the Navimag Ferry becomes a highlight of their trip. This four-day and three-night northbound voyage has become so popular it should be booked …
Ferry in Puerto Natales

Puerto Yungay Ferry

This new route links the hard-to-reach southern end of the Carretera Austral directly with Puerto Natales, with stops in Puerto Eden. The 700km trip takes approximately 41 hours in the ferry Cruz Australis. The end …
Bus in Puerto Natales

Bus Sur

Punta Arenas, Río Gallegos (CH$10,000, five hours) and Rio Grande (CH$16,000, seven hours), with connections on to Ushuaia three times per week. Tickets sold online.
Bus in Puerto Natales

Buses Fernández/El Pingüino

Torres del Paine and Punta Arenas. Also goes direct to Puerto Natales from the airport.
Airline in Puerto Natales

Sky Airline

Sky Airline has service from Santiago to Puerto Natales with a stop in Puerto Montt.
Bus Station in Puerto Natales


Puerto Natales' bus terminal has all transportation companies represented.
Taxi in Puerto Natales

Reliable Radio Taxi

Reliable Radio Taxi can be counted on for after-hours deliveries.
Bus in Puerto Natales

Buses Pacheco

To Punta Arenas, Río Grande and Ushuaia.
Airport in Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales Airport

With limited service from Punta Arenas.
Bus in Puerto Natales

Turismo Zaahj

To Torres del Paine and El Calafate.