Top Choice Chilean in Puerto Natales

The Singular Restaurant

The perfect port in a storm, part supper club of yore, part modern bistro, with exquisite food and attentive service. Leather sofas and polished wood meet bare beams and stark views of the sound. Chef Pasqualetto r…
Chilean in Puerto Natales

Cafe Kaiken

With just five tables and one couple cooking, serving and chatting up customers, this is as intimate as it gets. The owners moved here to get out of the Santiago fast lane, so you'd best follow their lead. Dishes li…
Fusion in Puerto Natales


Outstanding and wholly original, you won’t find Afro-Chilean cuisine on any NYC menu. This romantic gem was dreamed up by a hardworking Zambian-Chilean couple. Fragrant rice, fresh ceviche and mint roasted lamb are …
in Puerto Natales

El Rincón del Tata

This cozy bar-restaurant is a fine place to try calafate sours, the local specialty cocktail made with the berry of the same name. The menu offers a few unexpected dishes such as shawarma as well as appealing comfor…
Chilean in Puerto Natales

El Bote

A haven for Chilean comfort food, this unpretentious restaurant dishes out roast chicken, seafood casseroles and homemade soups in addition to more expensive game dishes featuring guanaco and venison. For dessert, g…
Cafe in Puerto Natales

Cangrejo Rojo

Unfathomably friendly and reasonable, this cute corrugated tin cafe serves pies, ice cream, sandwiches and hot clay pot dishes like seafood casserole or lamb chops. To get here, follow Baquedano four blocks south of…
in Puerto Natales

Los Pioneros

This modest family-owned restaurant on the waterfront offers simple seafood dishes and lovely views of snow-capped mountains when the weather is clear. Try the grilled salmon or the paila marina, a flavorful seafood…
Cafe in Puerto Natales

El Living

Indulge in the London lounge feel of this chill cafe, one of Natales' first. There’s fresh vegetarian fare (plus vegan, gluten-free), stacks of European glossies and a hidden backyard with outdoor tables.
in Puerto Natales

La Casa de Pepe

After a blustery day in Torres del Paine, pop by this homey German-style spot on the square for hearty pastél de papas (a baked potato and meat pie) or a huge roast beef sandwich.
Parrilla in Puerto Natales

Asador Patagónico

If trekking left you with a mastodon appetite, this upscale Argentine-style grill serves flame-seared lamb, steak and salads, as well as sweetbreads, alongside quality wines.