Tourist Information

The best bilingual portal for the region is

Conaf National parks service administrative office. Contact online to book Torres del Paine campgrounds under park administration; advance reservations are required.

Fantastico Sur Runs Refugios Torres, El Chileno and Los Cuernos in Torres del Paine and offers park tours, guiding and trek-planning services, including a popular self-guided option.

Municipal tourist office With region-wide lodgings listings.

Sernatur With useful city and regional maps and a second plaza location in high season.

Turismo Comapa Navimag ferry and airline bookings; also books packages in Torres del Paine.

Vertice Patagonia Runs Refugios Grey, Dickson and Paine Grande, as well as Camping Perros, in Torres del Paine. Advance booking essential.


Most banks in town are equipped with ATMs. La Hermandad has decent exchange rates on cash and traveler’s checks.