Top Choice French in Pucón

La Fleur de Sel

Basque-country chef Michel Moutrousteguy offers a Mapuche-infused French menu that's well-worth the trip to Termas Peumayen (for the food, not the service), 32km east of Pucón, even if you don't plan on getting wet.…
American in Pucón

Latitude 39°

California transplant owners fill a clearly appreciated gringo niche at this newly expanded homesick remedy of a restaurant. Juicy American-style burgers are a huge hit: try the Grand Prix (caramelized onions, bacon…
Chilean in Pucón


This time-honored favorite does some of Pucón's best gastronomic work for the price, boasting innovative flavor combinations and fresh-baked everything. Highlights include excellent home-style breakfasts, bacon-wrap…
in Pucón


This sleek café is swamped for breakfast and onces (afternoon tea), but it also does multigrain sandwiches, chocolate fondue, pizza, an endless array of coffees and an entirely too tempting cornucopia of deserts (it…
Peruvian in Pucón

Viva Perú

This intimate Peruvian restaurant does all the classics and does them well: ceviche (raw fish and onions marinated in citrus juices and spices), tiradito (onion-free ceviche), chicharónes (deep-fried pork rinds) and…
International in Pucón

El Castillo

Along the volcano road and with optimal Ansel Adams–like views of the beast itself, this volcanic stone and wood space warmed by a Russian stove is a requisite stop for those with wheels. Chef Zoe does homey gourmet…
Steak in Pucón

La Maga

There is a parrilla (steakhouse) for every budget in Pucón, but this Uruguayan steakhouse stands out for its bife de chorizo (steak), house-cut fries and onion-heavy chimmichurri. It's not the cheapest, but this is …
Chilean in Pucón

La Picada

This local's secret is out: an underground eatery in someone's living room serving fuss-free set lunches (salads, pastel de choclo, cazuelas, pasta). No sign. Knock to gain entrance.
Middle Eastern in Pucón

Arabian Café

It’s not Jerusalem but considering the distance, you’ll be surprised at the job they do here with falafel and hummus at this legit Arab restaurant that considers lomo a lo pobre an ‘alternative dish.’
Pizza in Pucón

Pizza Cala

The best pizza in town is spit from a massive 1300-brick oven by an Argentine-American pizza maker who grows his own fresh basil. In winter, it's the only warm restaurant in town.