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Getting There & Away

You can access Parque Nacional Conguillío from three directions. The first, and shortest (80km), is directly east of Temuco via Vilcún and Cherquenco; this accesses the ski resorts at Sector Los Paraguas, but doesn't access (by road) the campgrounds, main visitor center and trailheads. All of those are best reached by taking the more northern route from Temuco via Curacautín (120km). The park's southern entrance, also 120km from Temuco, is accessed via Melipeuco. From here a road heads north through the park to the northern entrance, also accessing the trailheads and campgrounds. It's passable heading south by most normal cars in high season (after Conaf grates the road); other times of year and heading the opposite direction, where there are many more gravely inclines, things can get real dicey between Laguna Captrén and Laguna Conguillío.

To reach Sector Los Paraguas, Vogabus, at Temuco's Terminal de Buses Rurales, runs six times daily to Cherquenco (CH$1400, 1½ hours, 1:30pm to 8:30pm), from where it's a 17km walk or hitchhike to the ski lodge at Los Paraguas.

For the northern entrance at Laguna Captrén, Buses Curacautín Express has three departures from Curacautín on Mondays and Wednesday (6am, 9am and 6pm), two on Tuesdays and Thursdays (6am and 6pm) and four on Fridays (6am, 9am, 2pm and 6pm). There are no buses on Saturday or Sunday. The bus goes as far as mile 26.5 on the Ruta Curacautín–Parque Nacional Conguillío (where R-925-S and S-297-R intersect), 4.8km before the Guardería Captrén at the park's entrance. In winter the bus will go as far as conditions allow. Other options from Curacautín include a taxi (CH$30,000, one hour), lugging a bike on the bus, or a day tour from Epu Pewen for CH$55,000 per person all-in.

For the southern entrance at Truful-Truful, Nar-Bus in Temuco runs eight times per day Monday to Saturday (CH$1900, two hours, 8am to 6:30pm) and five times on Sunday (9am to 6:30pm)