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Getting There & Away

Although Ovalle is 30km east of the Panamericana, many north–south buses pass through here. In the south of town, Terminal Media Luna has service to major destinations, including Santiago (CH$8000 to CH$15,000, 5½ hours), Arica (CH$25,000 to CH$46,000, 27 hours), Iquique (CH$20,000 to CH$40,000, 19 hours) and Antofagasta (from CH$17,000, 14 hours).

North of the terminal, on Ariztía Oriente, regional bus companies like Serena Mar ( go to La Serena (from CH$2000, 1½ hours) every 20 minutes or so. On the same street, colectivos (shared taxis) also make the trip to La Serena (CH$2500, 1½ hours).