The indigenous Huilliche communities of Osorno's gorgeous coast are sitting on an etnoturismo gold mine and have only started to realize it in the last few years. Fresh off an idea planted by a decade of sustainable tourism research by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), these off-the-beaten-path communities are embracing visitors.

You can immerse yourself in their way of life over multiday trips that involve some of Chile's most stunning beaches, Valdivian forest treks, and rural homestays around San Juan de la Costa and Territorio Mapa Lahual, an indigenous protected zone that stretches south into Río Negro province and includes Caleta Cóndor, one of Chile's most stunning off-the-beaten path destinations.

In San Juan de la Costa, a series of five magnificent caletas (bays) – Pucatrihue, Maicolpué, Bahía Mansa, Manzano and Tril-Tril – are the jumping-off point for Caleta Cóndor.