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Easter Island Tour with Ahu Akivi Ahu Vina and Puna Pau

Delve into the archaeological mysteries of Easter Island's Rapa Nui National Park on this half-day tour. Stand before ancient 'moai' stone sculptures carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui, learn why the moai at Ahu Akivi face the ocean, and dig deeper on the topic of why the masonry at Ahu Tahai has perplexed experts. You'll also visit the Puna Pau quarry and the great Ahu Uri a Urenga, one of the 25 platforms that are not on the coast, but in the interior of the island and corresponds to an agricultural area
3 hours
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Anakena - Ovahe Route

Our service is personalized, we are the only company on the island that offers tours in kayak. We do this in a safe, familiar and environmentally friendly manner. We invite you to live the experience!
4 hours
Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion: Easter Island Full Day Tour to Anakena Beach

See the famous Ahu stone sculpture temples of Easter Island with this full day Shared Shore Excursion. Immerse yourself in the dramatic beauty of Easter Island on this full-day tour from Hanga Roa, and wander through various landscapes with 'moai,' gigantic human figure statues sculpted by the indigenous Rapa Nui. Against an ocean backdrop, discover the original ceremonial site of Ahu Akahanga and ponder over its toppled moai. Then view restored statues at Ahu Tongariki, before exploring the volcanic slopes and quarry of Rano Raraku, where most moai originated and can be found. Finish the day by relaxing on the white sand beach of Anakena
8 hours