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$177 Shore Excursions

Easter Island Tour with Ahu Akivi Ahu Vina and Puna Pau

Let us introduce you to the mysteries of Easter Island. Departing from Hanga Roa, this tour will take you to visit Ahu Akivi, Ahu Vinapu, Puna Pau Quarry, and The Te Pahu Cavern. Ahu Akivi’s 7-Moai platform faces the equinoctial rising sun with each statue at a height of around 16 feet and a weight of around 18 tons. According to folklore, the seven statues represent the seven young explorers who left Hiva, a legendary Polynesian homeland, to do reconnaissance on the island after the spirit priest Haumaka made the first chief, Hotu Matu´a, aware of the island’s existence. You’ll have time to reflect on this story and the many other mysteries of Easter Island as you walk around exploring the incredible Moai structures.

$800 Holiday & Seasonal Tours

4-Days Trip to Discover Easter Island

DAY 1: MATAVERI AIRPORT / ARRIVAL Arrival in the Easter Island Airport. Reception in the Airport with flower necklace and transfer to your selected hotel.  Afternoon is at leisure.Overnight @ 4* Hotel in Easter Island DAY 2: AHU TONGARIKI - RANO RARAKO VOLCANO- AHU  NAU NAU –ANAKENA BEACH Departing from Hanga Roa's town at about 9:30 am, going to the southeastern and northeastern coast of the Island visiting the Ahu Vaihu temple, which is located 10 km from Hanga Roa. It consists of a stone platform with 8Moai statues and 8 pukao dispersed in the proximities. Then, we will go to Ahu Akahanga, so- called the "Platform of the king".  After that, we will arrive in Ahu Nau Nau, temple of a complex construction due to its different levels where we will find 5 Moai statues with Pukao. There, we will see petroglyphs in the backs of the statues. We will continue our excursion to the Rano Raraku volcano and quarry, where there was carved most of the Moai of the island, using the volcanic rock of its hillsides.  Overnight @ 4* Hotel in Easter Island DAY 3: ORONGO & RANO KAO + AHU AKIVI (7 Explorers) We start our tour at 09:30 am from Hanga Roa heading to the Tahai Archaeological Complex. This ceremonial center features 3ahus: Ahu Vai Uri with 5 Moai statues, Ahu Tahai with 1 Moai statue and Ahu Le to Riko with 1 Moai statue. From this site, we will be able to appreciate inspiring landscapes. After that, we will visit the Ana Kai Tangata natural cave where it is possible to appreciate some rupestrian art representing birds such as the manutara, and where it is possible to watch waves breaking upon the cliff.  We will continue our tour by visiting the Rano Kau volcano where we will be able to see the largest crater on the Island and one of the largest sweet water reservation of the area. Finally, we will visit the Orongo Ceremonial Village, old and magnificent ceremonial city located in the western side of the Rano Kau volcano. We initiate the tour about 3:00 pm from Hanga Roa, visiting Ahu Vinapu, that it was used by the islanders in the year 1.200 A.C. including 3 Ahu. The first one has 6Moai statues demolished and painted in red. The second one has a supposedly feminine Moai which had two heads. Finally, the third Moai, the oldest one, features only removed stones. We will continue our way to the quarry of Puna Pau, archaeological site in the eastern side of Hanga Roa. It is a small crater of red slag, from where the Pukao or hats of the Moai statues were obtained. Along its old exit, there are some incomplete and abandoned Moai. We will head to Ahu Akivi, the first Ahu restored by the science in the island in the year 1960.  Overnight @ 4* Hotel in Easter Island DAY 4: EASTER ISLAND/MATAVERI AIRPORT/DEPARTURE  Transfer to the airport and typical farewell. 

$323 Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion: Easter Island Full Day Tour to Anakena Beach

We'll start this Shore Excursion from the Port to experience the beauty, mystery and dramatic scenery of Easter Island in this full-day tour to Anakena, a white sand beach said to have been the landing point of Polynesian chief Hotu Matu’a who first settled the island. The tour starts in Hanga Roa, from where we will explore the Southeastern and Northeastern coasts of the island, visiting the temples of Ahu, Akahanga and Tongariki. This latter temple hosts the greatest Moais platform near the ocean with 15 giant statues. Then we will head to Rano Raraku Volcano, with its “Cantera de los Moais” (litt. Moai quarry) where more than 390 statues can be found. Here we will stop for picnic lunch by one of the greatest natural spot in the island. We will continue the tour visiting many impressive moai structures in temple formations such as Ahu Te Pito Kura, Ahu Nau Nau, Ahu Ature Huke. Later, we will stop at Anakena Beach, one of the few good swimming beaches on the island. In the surroundings there are also two small caves within a gorge as well as the nearby beaches of Poike and Ovahe where you’ll have time to relax and enjoy the scenery of this enchanting place. The tour ends in Hanga Roa, where we will drop you off at your port.

$2500 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro: 9 Days Northern circuit Route

DAY 1: LONDOROSSI GATE (2,100 METERS) – START POINT 2,360 METERS TO MTI MKUBWA CAMP (2,820 METERS)The Northern Circuit Route begins at Londorossi Gate (2,100 meters) in the West. Registration with the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities occurs at the gate and then you will be driven further up the mountain to the trail head starting point.DAY 2: MTI MKUBWA CAMP (2,820 METERS) TO SHIRA CAMP 1 (3,610 METERS)On day two you will spend the first hour trekking through the last section of rainforest path before entering the low alpine moorland zone which follows up onto the Shira Plateau. DAY 3: SHIRA CAMP 1 (3,610 METERS) TO MOIR CAMP (4,200 METERS)Day three is a long trek heading east which passes through the ‘Garden of the Senecios’ and then enters the high alpine desert zone. The morning is spent trekking up to Lava Tower and the iconic Shark’s Tooth rock formation at 4,600 meters, where you will have lunch.DAY 4: MOIR CAMP (4,200 METERS) TO BUFFALO CAMP (4,020 METERS)Day four involves a moderately steep climb out of Moir Valley. Trekkers can take a small detour here to climb the summit of Little Lent Hill at 4,375 meters before returning to the Northern Circuit trail. DAY 5: BUFFALO CAMP (4,020 METERS) TO RONGAI THIRD CAVE (3,800 METERS)Day five starts with a climb up the Buffalo ridge and down into Porfu Camp where lunch is usually served. The trek is shorter than the day before and by now you should be feeling well acclimatized to the altitude. DAY 6: 3RD CAVE (3,800 METERS) TO SCHOOL HUT (4,800 METERS)On day six after breakfast you begin your way to Barafu Summit Camp (4,640 m), the starting point for a night summiting Uhuru Peak (5,895 m). The climb will take us across desolate scree slopes with no vegetation around us at all. DAY 7: SCHOOL HUT (4,800 METERS) TO UHURU PEAK (5895METERS) TO CRATER CAMP (5,790METERS)Wake before dawn to start your summit approach. You’ll reach Uhuru Peak in the early afternoon, when few groups are around. A short descent brings you to Crater Camp, set in soft sands near the famed Furtwangler Glacier. DAY 8: CRATER CAMP (5,790M) TO MILLENNIUM CAMP (3790M)Wake before dawn to start your summit approach. You’ll reach Uhuru Peak in the early afternoon, when few groups are around. A short descent brings you to Crater Camp, set in soft sands near the famed Furtwangler Glacier. DAY 9: MILLENNIUM CAMP (3790METERS) TO MWEKA GATE (1630METERS)We begin our descent by returning to Stella Point and then descending on scree slope passing Barafu camp for a short break before heading down to Millennium Camp for a long well-earned rest. If you fly back home our vehicle will be ready to take you to the airport at your time

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