Bus Station in Arica

Terminal Internacional de Buses

Terminal Internacional de Buses, one of Arica's two main bus terminals and next door to Terminal Rodoviario de Arica, handles international and some regional destinations. The area is notorious for petty thievery, s…
Airport in Calama

Aeropuerto El Loa

Aeropuerto El Loa is 7km south of Calama. Private cabs charge CH$5700; minibus transfers cost CH$3500 per person to drop you at your hotel. Taxis (CH$28,000 to CH$40,000) will drive tourists to San Pedro de Atacama …
Airport in Arica

Aeropuerto Internacional Chacalluta

This airport is 18km north of Arica, near the Peruvian border. Santiago-bound passengers should sit on the left side of the plane for awesome views of the Andes and the interminable brownness of the Atacama Desert.
Airline in Iquique


LATAM has several flights a day to Santiago (from CH$90,000, 2½ hours). It also has two weekly flights to Salta, Argentina (around CH$155,000, 1½ hours). Prices are cheaper the further ahead you book.
Bus in Antofagasta


Catch any bus bound for Mejillones and disembark at the junction of La Portada to reach Monumento Natural La Portada (CH$1800, ½ hour). The bus station is 1½ blocks southeast of the plaza.
Airline in Antofagasta


Sky flies to Santiago (daily from CH$60,000, two hours) and La Serena (from CH$58,000), plus one weekly flight to Concepción (from CH$60,000, 2¼ hours, Friday).
Airline in Arica


Sky has flights to Santiago (around CH$101,000), Antofagasta (from CH$61,400) and Iquique (CH$23,000). It also flies to La Paz, Bolivia (CH$88,200 round-trip).
Train Station in Arica

Estación Ferrocarril Arica-Tacna

Trains to Tacna (CH$3200, 1½ hours) depart at 10am and 8:30pm every day. Remember to set your clock forward: there's a two-hour time difference in Peru.
Airline in Antofagasta


LATAM has several daily flights to Santiago (from CH$50,000, two hours), as well as one weekly direct flight to La Serena (from CH$30,000, 1½ hours).
Bus in San Pedro de Atacama

Tour Magic

Tour Magic has regular bus service three times a day between the San Pedro bus terminal and the airport (per person CH$8000, 1½ hours).