Religious in San Pedro de Atacama

Fiesta de San Pedro y San Pablo

June 29 has the locals celebrating with folk dancing, Mass, a procession of statues, a rodeo and modern dancing that gets rowdy by midnight.
Festival in Arica

Semana Ariqueña

Arica week is held in early June.
Dance in Arica

Concurso Nacional de Cueca

A folkloric dance festival in the Azapa Valley held each June.
Carnival in Putre


Visitors get dragged into the fun during Putre's Carnaval in February. Scores of balloon-bombs filled with flour are pelted around, not to mention clouds of chaya (multicolored paper dots). Two noncompetitive groups…
Fair in Putre

Feria Regional

Held in November; music and dancing are accompanied by dozens of stalls selling crafts, regional produce and tasty local dishes.
Religious in San Pedro de Atacama

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria

In early February, San Pedro celebrates with religious dances.
Religious in San Pedro de Atacama

Fiesta de Santa Rosa de Lima

This traditional religious festival takes place on August 30.
Carnival in Arica

Carnaval Andino con La Fuerza del Sol

Visitors in late January–early February witness blaring brass bands and dancing by traditional comparsas groups. The festival draws around 15,000 spectators during a three-day weekend, mostly happening on Av Comanda…
Carnival in San Pedro de Atacama


Takes place in February or March, depending on the date of Easter.