Bus Station in Vicuña

Bus Terminal

Has frequent buses to La Serena (CH$2000, one hour), Coquimbo (CH$2000, 1¼ hours), Pisco Elqui (CH$2000, 50 minutes) and Montegrande (CH$2000, 40 minutes). Expresso Norte has a twice-daily service to Santiago...

Bus Station in Ovalle

Terminal Media Luna

In the south of town, this terminal has service to major destinations, including Santiago (CH$8000 to CH$15,000, 5½ hours), Arica (CH$25,000 to CH$46,000, 27 hours), Iquique (CH$20,000 to CH$40,000, 19 hours) and...

Bus in Caldera

Tur Bus Ticket Office

You can buy Tur Bus tickets at this office a few steps north of the plaza, but buses depart from Plaza Las Americas, about five blocks southeast of Caldera's central plaza.

Bus Station in La Serena

Terminal de Buses

Has dozens of carriers plying the Panamericana from Santiago north to Arica, including Tur Bus, Pullman Bus and Pullman Carmelita.

Bus Station in Coquimbo

Terminal de Buses

Coquimbo's bus terminal is about 600m south of Barrio Inglés on Varela between Borgoño and Alcalde. Many local buses and colectivos also link the two cities (bus CH$600, colectivo CH$1200).

Bus in La Serena

Via Elqui

Buses to Vicuña (CH$2700, 1½ hours), Ovalle (CH$2700, two hours), Montegrande (CH$4000, two hours) or Pisco Elqui (CH$4000, 2½ hours).

Bus in La Serena

Covalle Bus

In summer (December to March), Covalle Bus travels to Mendoza (CH$45,000, 12 hours) and San Juan (CH$45,000, 18 hours) via the Libertadores pass every Wednesday and Friday, departing at 11pm.

Car Rental in Copiapó


Rodaggio has decent unlimited mileage rates, starting around CH$25,000 for a small car. But pickup trucks and 4WDs suitable for exploring the backcountry cost at least CH$55,100 per day.

Bus in La Serena

Pullman Bus

Sells Pullman bus tickets, though buses depart from the main terminal south of the center.

Bus Stop in Caldera

Plaza Las Americas

Catch buses here to Copiapó (CH$2500, one hour) every 30 minutes. Tur Bus and several other companies depart from here.

Airline in La Serena


LATAM flies daily to Santiago (from CH$25,000, one hour) and to Antofagasta (from CH$19,000, 1½ hours).

Bus Station in Caldera


Buses run to Antofagasta (CH$13,200 to CH$24,000, six hours) and Santiago (from CH$28,000, 12 hours).

Bus in Vallenar

Tur Bus

Opposite the main bus terminal; has extensive north- and southbound routes.

Airline in Copiapó


Flies to Santiago daily (from CH$54,000, 1½ hours).

Car Rental in La Serena


For car hire, try Avis, also at the airport.