Top Choice Historic Building in Valparaíso

La Sebastiana

Bellavista's most famous resident artist was Pablo Neruda, who made a point of watching Valparaíso's annual New Year's fireworks from his house at the top of the hill, La Sebastiana. Because it's first-come, first-s…
Park in Viña Del Mar

Jardín Botánico Nacional

There are over 3000 plant species in the 61 hectares of parkland that comprise Chile's Jardín Botánico Nacional. It's 8km southeast of the city center; take a taxi or catch bus 203 from Viña along Calle Alvarez to P…
Museum in Viña Del Mar

Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck

The original moai (Easter Island statues) standing guard outside the Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck are just a teaser of the beautifully displayed archaeological finds from Easter Island within, alo…
Museum in Viña Del Mar

Museo Palacio Rioja

The Museo Palacio Rioja is an elegant century-old mansion with lovely gardens, now a municipal museum. It also hosts movies and musical performances.
Church in Chillán

Catedral de Chillán

On the northeast corner of Chillán's main square stands the stark, modernist Catedral de Chillán. Built in 1941, its soaring semi-oval form is made of a series of earthquake-resistant giant arches. The 36m-high cros…
Monument in Chillán

Escuela México

In response to the devastation that the 1939 quake caused, the Mexican government donated the Escuela México to Chillán. At Pablo Neruda's request, Mexican muralists David Alfaro Siqueiros and Xavier Guerrero decora…
Historic Site in Valparaíso

Ascensor Concepción

The city's oldest elevator, Ascensor Concepción takes you to Paseo Gervasoni, at the lower end of Cerro Concepción. Built in 1883, it originally ran on steam power.
Historic Site in Valparaíso

Ascensor El Peral

Ascensor El Peral starts from near the Tribunales (Law Courts) just off Plaza Sotomayor and continues to Cerro Alegre, which is home to the Palacio Baburizza (1916), which now houses the city's Museo de Bellas Artes…
Market in Valparaíso

Feria de Artesanía

The Feria de Artesanía is a lively place on weekends. It sells handicrafts.
Museum in Valparaíso

Museo a Cielo Abierto

Twenty classic, colorful murals are dotted through this cerro's lower streets, forming the Museo a Cielo Abierto, created between 1969 and 1973 by students from the Universidad Católica's Instituto de Arte. The Asce…