Magallanes Region attractions

Top Choice Park in Monumentos históricos Nacionales Puerto Hambre & Fuerte Bulnes

Parque del Estrecho de Magallanes

The historic sites of Puerto Hambre (Port Hunger) and Fuerte Bulnes are the centerpiece of this privately managed park, an excellent introduction to regional history. The museum is Patagonia's best. Hourly presentat…
Top Choice Cemetery in Punta Arenas

Cementerio Municipal

Among South America’s most fascinating cemeteries, with both humble immigrant graves and flashy tombs, like that of wool baron José Menéndez, a scale replica of Rome’s Vittorio Emanuele monument, according to author…
Wildlife Reserve in Magallanes Region

Monumento Natural Los Pingüinos

The thriving Magellanic penguin colonies of Monumento Natural Los Pingüinos on Isla Magdalena and Isla Marta are well worth visiting, particularly if you have never seen penguins before. The islands are 35km northea…
Museum in Punta Arenas

Museo Regional de Magallanes

This opulent mansion testifies to the wealth and power of pioneer sheep farmers in the late 19th century. The well-maintained interior houses a regional historical museum (ask for booklets in English) and original e…
Museum in Punta Arenas

Museo Naval y Marítimo

A naval and maritime museum with historical exhibits that include a fine account of the Chilean mission that rescued Sir Ernest Shackleton’s crew from Antarctica. The most imaginative display is a replica ship compl…
Historic Building in Punta Arenas

Casa Braun-Menéndez

Facing the Plaza Muñoz Gamero’s north side is the Club de la Unión, which houses the former Palacio Sara Braun, now known as the Casa Braun-Menéndez.
Plaza in Punta Arenas

Plaza Muñoz Gamero

A central plaza of magnificent conifers surrounded by opulent mansions. Facing the plaza’s north side, Casa Braun-Menéndez houses the private Club de la Unión, which also uses the tavern downstairs (open to the publ…
Museum in Punta Arenas

Museo Río Seco

The pet project of the Caceres brothers, this funky homespun museum is a delightful detour for fans of natural history. Imaginative displays use fine naturalist drawings and painstakingly restored skeletons of seabi…
Museum in Punta Arenas

Instituto de la Patagonia

Pioneer days are made real again at the Patagonian Institute's Museo del Recuerdo, part of the Universidad de Magallanes. The library has historical maps and a series of historical and scientific publications. Any t…
Area in Magallanes Region

Rio Reubens

Roughly midway between Villa Tehuelches and Puerto Natales on blustery, paved Ruta 9, Río Rubens is a fine trout-fishing area and, for travelers with their own transport, an ideal spot to break the 250km journey fro…