Bus Station in La Serena

Terminal de Buses

Has dozens of carriers plying the Panamericana from Santiago north to Arica, including Tur Bus, Pullman Bus and Pullman Carmelita.
Bus in La Serena

Via Elqui

Buses to Vicuña (CH$2700, 1½ hours), Ovalle (CH$2700, two hours), Montegrande (CH$4000, two hours) or Pisco Elqui (CH$4000, 2½ hours).
Bus in La Serena

Covalle Bus

In summer (December to March), Covalle Bus travels to Mendoza (CH$45,000, 12 hours) and San Juan (CH$45,000, 18 hours) via the Libertadores pass every Wednesday and Friday, departing at 11pm.
Bus in La Serena

Pullman Bus

Sells Pullman bus tickets, though buses depart from the main terminal south of the center.
Airline in La Serena


LATAM flies daily to Santiago (from CH$25,000, one hour) and to Antofagasta (from CH$19,000, 1½ hours).
Bus in La Serena

Hector Galleguillos (Bus to Humboldt)

Offers bus service from La Serena to Punta de Choros.
Car Rental in La Serena


For car hire, try Avis, also at the airport.
Airport in La Serena

Aeropuerto La Florida

Located 5km east of downtown.
Taxi in La Serena

Radio Taxi Florida

Car Rental in La Serena