Church in La Serena

Iglesia Catedral

The handsome neoclassical Iglesia Catedral dates from 1844; it also has a sobering museum of religious art.
Museum in La Serena

Museo Arqueológico

Inside a crescent-shaped building with a leafy patio, this museum makes an ambitious attempt to corral Chile's pre-Columbian past. Its highlights include an Atacameña mummy, a hefty 2.5m-high moai (large anthropomor…
Science in La Serena

Observatorio Turístico Collowara

This shiny new observatory is built for tourists; no serious interstellar research is conducted here, but the facility boasts a 40cm telescope for stargazing. Book at the ticket office in nearby Andacollo, and inqui…
Museum in La Serena

Museo Histórico Casa Gabriel González Videla

Although richly stocked with general historical artifacts, this two-story museum in an 18th-century mansion concentrates on one of La Serena's best-known (and most controversial) sons. González Videla was Chile's pr…
Park in La Serena

Parque Japones Kokoro No Niwa

With its trickling brooks, drifting swans and neatly manicured rock gardens, this Japanese garden makes a good escape from the city bustle.
Market in La Serena

Mercado La Recova

Mercado La Recova offers a jumble of dried fruits, rain sticks and artisan jewelry.
Church in La Serena

Iglesia San Francisco

The granddaddy of all La Serena's churches is a colonial marvel, two blocks southeast of the plaza, and built in the early 1600s. It's a stone construction, with a tower and fancy baroque facade.
Church in La Serena

Iglesia Santo Domingo

The dainty-looking bell tower of Iglesia Santo Domingo looks as though it should have a twirling ballerina inside. The tower is a later addition, only a century old, though the attractive limestone church dates back…
Notable Building in La Serena


Tribunales was built as a result of González Videla’s Plan Serena.
Plaza in La Serena

Plaza de Armas

La Serena has 29 churches to its credit, many beautiful stone creations in neoclassical or eclectic styles. A bunch of the prettiest can be found on or near the Plaza de Armas. On the east side, the handsome neoclas…