Car Rental in Pucón

Kilometro Libre

If you want to dump the car in Puerto Montt, friendly José is one of the few that will let you (CH$6000). Rates start at CH$25,000 including insurance and whether you're broken down or lost, José has your back 24/7.…
Bus in Pucón


Bus transportation to and from Santiago is best with TurBus (eight or so daily departures), with a ticket office in town and their own station east of the center (Blanco Encalada 2245).
Bus Station in Temuco

Terminal Rodoviario

Temuco is a major bus hub. Long-haul buses run from the Terminal Rodoviario, at the northern approach to town.
Bus Station in Villarrica

Bus Terminal

Villarrica has a main (mostly regional) bus terminal, though a few companies have separate offices nearby.
Bus in Temuco


TurBus serves main cities located along the Panamericana and frequent services to Santiago.
Shuttle in Temuco

Transfer Temuco

Door-to-door shuttle service to Aeropuerto de La Araucanía. Reserve 24 hours in advance.
Bus in Temuco

Cruz del Sur

Cruz del Sur serves majpr points along the Panamericana as well as the island of Chiloé.
Bus in Temuco

Igi Llaima/Nar-Bus

Igi Llaima/Nar-Bus runs buses to Melipeuco and Argentina out of their own station.
Bus Station in Temuco

Terminal de Buses Rurales

The hectic Terminal de Buses Rurales serves local and regional destinations.
Bus Station in Curacautín

Bus Terminal

Directly on the highway to Lonquimay.