Isla Quinchao attractions

Top Choice Church in Achao

Iglesia Santa María de Loreto

Achao's 18th-century Jesuit church, on the south side of the Plaza de Armas, is Chiloé's oldest (1740). Crowned by a 25m tower, the World Heritage site has alerce shingles; the whole structure is held together by wo…
Viewpoint in Achao

Mirador Alto la Paloma

If you're driving into Achao, don't miss this cinematic viewpoint along the road just a few kilometers outside town – the whole of Achao Bay, neighboring islands and the mainland across the water to Chaitán is spect…
Museum in Achao

Museo de Achao

Museo de Achao highlights aspects of the Chono people of Achao and other indigenous groups in Chiloé. Wood products, weavings, stones and plants used for tinting materials are all elegantly presented with informativ…