Airline in Iquique


LATAM has several flights a day to Santiago (from CH$55,000, 2½ hours). Prices are cheaper the further ahead you book.
Taxi in Iquique

Taxis Aeropuerto

From this stand, you can pick up a taxi to the airport. It's best to call or stop in ahead of time.
Airline in Iquique


Sky has several daily flights to Santiago (from CH$30,000).
Bus Station in Iquique

Terminal Rodoviario

The bus station is at the north end of Patricio Lynch.
Bus in Iquique

Santa Angela

Pullman Santa Angela travels to Pica for CH$2500.
Bus in Iquique


Car Rental in Iquique

Econorent Car Rental

Bus in Iquique


Bus in Iquique

Ramos Cholele

Bus in Iquique