Top things to do in Hanga Roa

Top Choice Traditional Dance in Hanga Roa

Kari Kari

This elaborately costumed and talented group performs island legends through song and dance at a venue off the main street. With 15 different programs, you can attend several times and never see the same show. As th…
Top Choice Cafe in Hanga Roa

Polynesian Coffee & Tea

Detox juices, fruit smoothies, infusion teas and hot (or iced) coffees make this beachy Hawaiian-themed cafe on the main drag a highly recommended morning hangout. Healthy breakfasts (including açaí bowls and yogurt…
Top Choice Seafood in Hanga Roa

La Kaleta

Santiago's El Mercurio newspaper crowned La Kaleta the best regional restaurant in Chile in 2016 and the seafront tables have been packed with vacationing Chileans ever since. The menu changes with the season to ref…
Top Choice Seafood in Hanga Roa

Te Moai Sunset

Make this chic new restaurant your go-to spot in the late afternoon when the moai of Tahai are silhouetted against the setting sun just below your table. Dine alfresco on the hanging wicker chairs or next to one of …
Top Choice Chilean in Hanga Roa

Te Moana

One of the most reliable options in Hanga Roa, this buzzy restaurant boasts a spiffing location, with an atmospheric veranda opening onto the ocean. It's renowned for its tasty meat and fish dishes. The Polynesian d…
Top Choice Chilean in Hanga Roa

Haka Honu

Fish dishes, steaks, homemade pasta, burgers and salads round out the menu at this well-regarded eatery blessed with unsurpassable ocean views. The grilled fish with papaya chutney is particularly flavorsome.
Top Choice Chilean in Hanga Roa

Ariki o Te Pana – Tia Berta

Surrender to some melt-in-your-mouth seafood empanadas prepared mamma-style in this no-frills den.
Archaeological Site in Hanga Roa

Ahu Tahai

Ahu Tahai is a highly photogenic site that contains three restored ahu (ceremonial platform). Ahu Tahai proper is the ahu in the middle, supporting a large, solitary moai (large anthropomorphic statue) with no topkn…
Museum in Hanga Roa

Museo Antropológico Sebastián Englert

This well-organized museum makes a perfect introduction to the island's history and culture. It displays basalt fishhooks, obsidian spearheads and other weapons, circular beehive-shaped huts, petroglyphs, funerary c…
Seafood in Hanga Roa

Tataku Vave

Tucked behind the Caleta Hanga Piko, Tataku Vave is that easy-to-miss 'secret spot' that locals like to recommend, with a delightfully breezy terrace that’s just meters from the seashore. Munch on superb fish dishes…