Exchange in Hanga Roa

Puna Vai

This petrol station also doubles as a minimarket and exchange office (US dollars and euros only). Much more convenient than the bank (no queues, longer opening hours), plus there's a great wine selection from the...

Bank in Hanga Roa

Banco Santander

Currency exchange (until 11am), and has two ATMs that accept Visa and MasterCard. Credit-card holders can also get cash advances at the counter during opening hours (bring your passport).

Ticket Office in Hanga Roa

Ma’u Henua

Administrators of Parque Nacional Rapa Nui. Workers can give suggestions on hiking and sell park tickets to those who didn't already purchase them at the airport.

Hospital in Hanga Roa

Hospital Hanga Roa

Recently modernized. Emergency room visits cost a flat CH$25,000 to CH$30,000 plus the cost of any necessary procedures.

Tourist Information in Hanga Roa


Has various brochures, maps and lists of accommodations. Some staff speak good English.