Futaleufú restaurants

Pizza in Futaleufú

Pizzas de Fabio

There's no going wrong with these thin-crust, gooey pizzas made by Argentine chef Fabio, who gave up cooking haute cuisine to open his own grungy-fun takeout business. Vegan options.
Chilean in Futaleufú

Martín Pescador

This locavore eatery is taking some exciting risks with a rotating menu featuring local products you will see nowhere else. Think honey from local michay flowers, forest mushrooms, nalca fruit, rabbit and traditiona…
Italian in Futaleufú

Restaurant Antigua Casona

With an elegant atmosphere, this cafe at the small La Antigua Casona hotel does wonderful homemade pasta, gnocchi and lasagna with vegetarian options. The owner hails from Milan, so authenticity is not an issue. Con…
Chilean in Futaleufú

Picada de Colonos

In Nelsa's home kitchen there's no menu, but she can cook up pork chops, cazuela (oversized stews), milanesas (schnitzels) and fries. Tables are set with homemade sopapillas (fry bread), a Patagonian staple. It's on…
Chilean in Futaleufú

Rincón de Mamá

This homespun restaurant with citrus colors and plastic tablecloths does home-cooked meals on the 2nd floor of a rambling alleyway house.