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Getting There & Away

Bus schedules change frequently: be alert.

To Chaitén, Bus D&R goes almost daily at 6am (CH$2200, three hours). Buses Becker goes to Coyhaique (CH$24,000, 10 hours) on Sundays at 11am via Villa Santa Lucía (1½ hours), La Junta and Puyuhuapi. Buses Jerry goes to Palena (CH$2500, two hours) three times per week. (There's no office, the bus stops on the street.) To Puerto Montt, Buses Apsa goes to Puerto Montt (CH$18,000, 10 hours) on Tuesday and Friday at 7:30am; buy the ticket at the post office. Bus Río Palena makes the same trip, starting in Palena and driving via Argentina on Sundays at 8am.

International buses to the Argentine border (15 minutes) currently leave on Mondays and Fridays at 9am and 7pm. On the Argentine side, Transportes Jacobsen takes passengers to Trevelín and Esquel. The Futaleufú border post is far quicker and more efficient than the crossing at Palena, opposite the Argentine border town of Carrenleufú.

There's a Copec gas station on the road to the border. If you're crossing, gas is cheaper in Argentina.