Top Choice Area in Southwest Circuit

Rano Kau & Orongo Ceremonial Village

Nearly covered in a bog of floating totora reeds, this crater lake resembles a giant witch's cauldron – awesome! Perched 400m above, on the edge of the crater wall on one side and abutting a vertical drop plunging d…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Northeast Circuit

Rano Raraku

Known as 'the nursery,' the volcano of Rano Raraku, about 18km from Hanga Roa, is the quarry for the hard tuff from which the moai were cut. You'll feel as though you're stepping back into early Polynesian times, wa…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Northeast Circuit

Ahu Tongariki

The monumental Ahu Tongariki has plenty to set your camera's flash popping. With 15 imposing statues, it is the largest ahu ever built. The statues gaze over a large, level village site, with ruined remnants scatter…
Top Choice Beach in Northeast Circuit


Beach bums in search of a place to wallow will love this picture-postcard-perfect, white-sand beach. It also forms a perfect backdrop for Ahu Nau Nau, which comprises seven moai, some with topknots. On a rise south …
Top Choice Mountain in Northern Circuit

Maunga Terevaka

Maunga Terevaka is the island's highest point (507m). This barren hill is only accessible on foot or on horseback and is definitely worth the effort as it offers sensational panoramic views.
Museum in Hanga Roa

Museo Antropológico Sebastián Englert

This well-organized museum makes a perfect introduction to the island's history and culture. It displays basalt fishhooks, obsidian spearheads and other weapons, circular beehive-shaped huts, the ceremonial houses a…
National Park in Parque Nacional Rapa Nui

Parque Nacional Rapa Nui

Since 1935, most of Rapa Nui's land and all of its archaeological sites have been a national park administered by Conaf. The park teems with caves, ahu (ceremonial platforms), fallen moai (statues), village structur…
Historic Site in Southwest Circuit

Orongo Ceremonial Village

On the edge of the Rano Kau crater wall on one side and abutting a vertical drop plunging down to the cobalt-blue ocean on the other side, the Orongo ceremonial village boasts a phenomenal setting. It overlooks seve…
Peninsula in Northeast Circuit

Península Poike

At the eastern end of the island, this high plateau is crowned by the extinct volcano Maunga Pu A Katiki (400m) and bound in by steep cliffs. There are also three small volcanic domes, one of which sports a huge mas…
Archaeological Site in Hanga Roa

Ahu Tahai

Ahu Tahai is a highly photogenic site that contains three restored ahu. Ahu Tahai proper is the ahu in the middle, supporting a large, solitary moai with no topknot. On the north side of Ahu Tahai is Ahu Ko Te Riku,…