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Outdoor Activities

Puerto Chacabuco to Coyhaique National Reserve Shore Excursion

Coyhaique National Reserve, located just 3km from Coyhaique, was created to help avoid erosion after the many large-scale fires that ravaged the area around the city at the start of the colonization. We invite you to be part of this adventure and travel with us to one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the world , enjoying a nature forgotten by many.
4.5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Coyhaique City Tour, Aysen, Patagonia, Chile

It is the only regular service of City Tour in Coyhaique that has the characteristics of quality and innovation. In this short time of life, Coyhaique CityTour has achieved some recognitions, such as:• Certificate of Excellence 2018 delivered by TripAdvisor• Award for Tourist Merit 2018 delivered by Sernatur• Recognition of the Illustrious Municipality of Coyhaique for the contribution to Tourism during the celebration of World Tourism Day 2018• Nomination to the Travel & Hospitallity Awards 2018
3 hours
Kid Friendly

Marble Chapels Excursion from Coyhaique

Throughout the journey you will see beautiful forests of Coigue, Lenga, Ñire and Ciruelillo trees. You’ll pass through iconic landmarks as it is “Chiguay Lagoon”, “The stone of the Count” and the “Ibañez Portezuelo” which has the highest altitude of the whole Carretera Austral (1.000 meters a.s.l). Approaching the Ibañez River, the magnitude of the imposing “Cerro Castillo” will be appreciated and you will pass by the village of Cerro Castillo. All this area belongs to the National Park “Cerro Castillo”.This journey cross a wide valley once half covered by volcanic ash, known as “Bosque Muerto” or dead forest, traces of Hudson Volcano's eruption in 1991, nowadays you’ll notice how nature has given a second chance to this place.Marble Chapels Sanctuary of Nature, this is a place of unique beauty, where wave action has polished the limestone to form really attractive caves.
12 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Marble Chapels at General Carrera Lake Full Day From Coyahique

The Marble Chapels were declared a National Monument because they are sodium carbonate mineral formations. Come to know these natural caverns in a navigation by the waters of Lake General Carrera.  An excursion of 12 hours of duration that you can not miss.
12 hours
Outdoor Activities

Full Day Navigation to Marble Chapels (Capillas de Marmol)

Enjoy, the majestic Lake General Carrera, the largest in Chile, whose main feature are its imposing turquoise colors and its marble rock formations eroded by the water forming caves and figures of chapels which give life to the town of Puerto Tranquilo hosted on its shores. You will feel how the people of Aysén live. Between, rivers, snowdrifts, waterfalls, lakes, lagoons, forest reserves and national parks are part of the attractions that you will find on the way to Austral Sur highway 213 km from Coyhaique.
14 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Coyhaique City Tour: History and Nature

Between Rivers and rumble of Cascades in the city of Coyhaique you can, marvel and enjoy majestic landscapes of the natural reserves of northern Patagonia, know the four most important points of the city, experience how the people of Aysen live, typical Chilean people and meet nature in the National Reserve while contemplating the city from its viewpoints.
4 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Navigation to San Rafael Glacier from Coyhaique

The San Rafael glacier is one of the largest glaciers in the Northern Ice Fields, in Chilean Patagonia. It feeds the San Rafael lagoon and, through it, drains into the Moraleda channel. Come to live an adventure sailing through the San Rafael Lagoon, formed by the snorbreak and retreat of the San Rafael Glacier. An stunning wonder of the nature, with high icewalls and clear waters, one of the earth planet's protected water reserves. One must-see of Coyhaique! An experience in zodiac among the ice floes, sightings of virgin landscapes of northern Patagonia, traditional Chilean food and open bar to celebrate while we travel back
18 hours