When Villarrica blows its top, the lava heads straight for convivial Coñaripe. Living in the shadow of one of Chile’s most active volcanoes certainly defines living on the edge – something, unfortunately, those investing in development aren’t too fond of, so Coñaripe, despite being in a gorgeous part of the world, hasn’t seen the same kind of investment as it neighbors. Twenty-two kilometers east of Lican Ray, the town's black-sand beaches and easy access to a number of the smaller hot springs – 14 in all – attract the summer crowds (including Chile's most cinematic, Termas Geométricas).

As an alternative base for Parque Nacional Villarrica, it offers a far more tranquil, less-commercial experience than Pucón and more of a small-town feel than Villarica, but those looking for action will be twiddling their thumbs quicker than it takes to slide down the volcano!