If all that climbing, trekking, paddling and cycling have left your bones rattled and your muscles begging for mercy, you're in luck. Pucón's environs are sitting on one of the world's biggest natural Jacuzzis. Hot springs are as common as adventure outfitters around here, but Termas Geométricas stands out above the crowd.

For couples and design aficionados, this Asian-inspired, red-planked maze of 17 beautiful slate hot springs set upon a verdant canyon over a rushing stream is simply gorgeous.

There are two waterfalls and three cold plunge pools to cool off in, and a cafe heated by fogón (outdoor oven) and stocked with natural chicken soup and real coffee. If it weren't for the Spanish, you'd think it was Kyoto.

It's located 15km north of Coñaripe. Transport is available from Coñaripe (CH$33,000 including admission) or there are day trips from Pucón (around CH$39,000 including admission). The gravel approach from Coñaripe has improved over the years and is passable in a normal vehicle in good conditions.