Clothing in Ancud


In a nod to Chiloé's age-old weaving traditions, this boutique housed in a crumbling home in Arena Gruesa sells modern, naturally dyed high-quality woven coats, dresses, scarfs, shawls, tops, wall hangings and frame…
Market in Achao

Grupo Artesanal Llingua

The Grupo Artesanal Llingua, artisans from the nearby Isla Llingua, host a well-stocked market of crafts, including woven coffee cups, handbags and breadbaskets. It's only open on high-season days when the ferry com…
Handicrafts in Achao

Feria Municipal Achao

In a clearly half-hearted attempt at competing with Dalcahue's excellent crafts market, Achao has built a small crafts market on the water. It's decent enough for a variety of woolens and funky wooden tree magnets w…
Market in Ancud

Mercado Municipal

Has an abundance of craft stalls.
Market in Castro

Feria Artesanal

Castro's waterfront Feria Artesanal is by far the island's biggest, but be wary here – much of the merchandise is secretly imported from China, India, Peru and Ecuador. You'll find vendors hawking a good selection o…