Top Choice Museum in Ancud

Museo Regional de Ancud

The excellent Museo Regional Aurelio Bórquez Canobra, casually referred to as Museo Chilote, offers fantastic displays tracking the history of the island, including a full-sized replica of the Ancud, which sailed th…
Top Choice Church in Castro

Iglesia San Francisco de Castro

Italian Eduardo Provasoli chose a marriage of neo-Gothic and classical architecture in his design for the elaborate Iglesia San Francisco, one of Chiloé's Unesco gems and finished in 1912 to replace an earlier churc…
Top Choice Museum in Ancud

Centro de Visitantes Inmaculada Concepción

Don't even think about visiting Chiloé's Unesco churches without first stopping in at this excellent museum housed in the former Convento Inmaculada Concepción de Ancud (1875). It's home to wooden scale models of al…
Top Choice Church in Achao

Iglesia Santa María de Loreto

Achao's 18th-century Jesuit church, Iglesia Santa María de Loreto, on the south side of the Plaza de Armas, is Chiloé's oldest (1740) and also a Unesco World Heritage site. Crowned by a 25m tower, it has alerce shin…
Fortress in Ancud

Fuerte San Antonio

During the wars of independence, Fuerte San Antonio was Spain's last Chilean outpost. At the northwest corner of town, late-colonial cannon emplacements look down on the harbor from the early-19th-century remains of…
Museum in Castro

MAM Chiloé

Castro's spacious Museum of Modern Art features innovative works by contemporary Chilean artists, many of them Chilotes. It's a fair hike from town, but worth it if you're an art buff.
Museum in Achao

Museo de Achao

Museo de Achao highlights aspects of the Chono people of Achao and other indigenous groups in Chiloé. Wood products, weavings, stones and plants used for tinting materials are all elegantly presented with informativ…
Museum in Castro

Museo Regional de Castro

This museum, half a block from Plaza de Armas, houses a well-organized collection of Huilliche relics, musical instruments, traditional farm implements and Chilota wooden boat models, and exhibits on the evolution o…
National Park in Parque Nacional Chiloé

Parque Nacional Chiloé

Running back from the pounding Pacific coastline, and over extensive stands of native evergreen forest, the 430-sq-km Parque Nacional Chiloé is only 30km west of Chonchi and 54km west of Castro. The park teems with …
Market in Chiloé

Crafts Fair

You'll find the island's most authentic arts and crafts here, dominated by sweaters, socks, and hats woven from oveja (wool) and dyed with natural pigments made from roots, leaves and iron-rich mud. It's open daily …