Chillán attractions

Church in Chillán

Catedral de Chillán

On the northeast corner of Chillán's main square stands the stark, modernist Catedral de Chillán. Built in 1941, its soaring semi-oval form is made of a series of earthquake-resistant giant arches. The 36m-high cros…
Market in Chillán

Mercado de Chillán

The city's main market is split into two sections on either side of Maipón between Isabel Riquelme and 5 de Abril. Come to buy Chillán's famous longaniza sausages.
Monument in Chillán

Escuela México

In response to the devastation that the 1939 quake caused, the Mexican government donated the Escuela México to Chillán. At Pablo Neruda's request, Mexican muralists David Alfaro Siqueiros and Xavier Guerrero decora…