Top things to do

Top Choice Church in Castro

Iglesia San Francisco de Castro

Italian Eduardo Provasoli chose a marriage of neo-Gothic and classical architecture in his design for the elaborate Iglesia San Francisco, one of Chiloé's Unesco gems and finished in 1912 to replace an earlier churc…
Top Choice Chilean in Castro


You can't eat this well in this cool kind of atmosphere for this price anywhere. How it can be done without bleeding money is an extraordinary question, but this art-fueled lunch hot spot offers five exceptional hom…
Top Choice Contemporary Chilean in Castro


This wonderfully whimsical spot is the place in Castro proper for foodies. Creative takes calling on the wares of local farmers produce outstanding dishes that present painstaking choices: crab phyllo dough wraps do…
Top Choice Cafe in Castro

Palafito Patagonia

This wonderful cafe-gallery takes coffee very seriously – Intelligentsia is served, one of North America's best – and is a pristine spot for a caffeine jolt, light bites and postcard views from its naturally lit lou…
Top Choice Fusion in Castro

Rucalaf Putemún

In tiny Putamún (7km outside Castro on the way to the Rilan Peninsula and Dalcahue) is one of Chiloé's destination restaurants. In a colorful and cozy cabin-like room, tasteful regional art surrounds scrumptious con…
Chilean in Castro

Don Octavio

You can practically dine on top of the fishing boats at this atmospheric palafito restaurant. There’s way too much mayonnaise on the menu, but in addition to the usual suspects, there’s also king crab and octopus. T…
Seafood in Castro


If you lived in Castro a decade ago, Sacho was the only spot for a cultured meal. While an ever-evolving culinary scene emerges around it, this long-standing seafood staple with views has dug in its heels and held o…
Museum in Castro

MAM Chiloé

Castro's spacious Museum of Modern Art features innovative works by contemporary Chilean artists, many of them Chilotes. It's a fair hike from town, but worth it if you're an art buff.
Market in Castro

Feria Artesanal

Castro's waterfront Feria Artesanal is by far the island's biggest, but be wary here – much of the merchandise is secretly imported from China, India, Peru and Ecuador. You'll find venders hawking a fine selection o…
Museum in Castro

Museo Regional de Castro

This museum, half a block from Plaza de Armas, houses a well-organized collection of Huilliche relics, musical instruments, traditional farm implements and Chilota wooden boat models, and exhibits on the evolution o…