Top Choice Church in Castro

Iglesia San Francisco de Castro

Italian Eduardo Provasoli chose a marriage of neo-Gothic and classical architecture in his design for the elaborate Iglesia San Francisco, one of Chiloé's Unesco gems and finished in 1912 to replace an earlier churc…
Church in Castro

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Gracia de Nercón

Just 4km south of Castro is another of Chiloe's Unesco-recognized churches, restored in 2012. Built from cypress and larch wood between 1887 and 1888, its prominent 25m tower can be viewed from Ruta 5. Notable inter…
Museum in Castro

Museo Regional de Castro

This museum, half a block from Plaza de Armas, houses a well-organized collection of Huilliche relics, musical instruments, traditional farm implements and Chilota wooden boat models, and exhibits on the evolution o…
Museum in Castro

MAM Chiloé

Castro's spacious Museum of Modern Art features innovative works by contemporary Chilean artists, many of them Chilotes. It's a fair hike from town, but worth it if you're an art buff.
Viewpoint in Castro

Puente Gamboa Mirador

Best viewpoint for Palofitos Gamboa.