Park in Pirque

Reserva Nacional Río Clarillo

A mix of Andean forest and scrubland make up this hilly, 100-sq-km nature reserve in a scenic tributary canyon of the Cajón del Maipo, 18km southeast of Pirque. It’s home to abundant bird species, foxes and...

Park in Baños Morales & Monumento Natural El Morado

Monumento Natural El Morado

At Baños Morales is the entrance to Monumento Natural El Morado, a small national park. From the banks of sparkling Laguna El Morado are fabulous views of Glacier San Francisco and the 5000m summit of Cerro El...

Pizza in San Alfonso & Cascada de las Animas

Pizzería y Cervecería Jauría

Craving beer and pizza? This new brewpub combines creative pizzas (such as prosciutto, grilled pear and sun-dried tomatoe) with home-brewed IPAs, brown ales and stouts. Kick back and relax on the patio under the...

Chilean in Pirque

La Vaquita Echá

The long-running local favorite, La Vaquita Echá is rightly famed for its grill – steaks, ribs, fish and even wild boar all sizzle over the coals.