Must-see attractions in Chile

  • Edificio de la Aduana

    A grand old colonial building dating to 1876, the ex-customs house was ravaged by fire in early 2015.

  • Parque Prochelle

    This urban Isla Teja park contains two historic homes opposite the main road from the park entrance.

  • Ahu Akapu

    You'll find this ahu with a solitary moai along the coastline, north of Hanga Roa.

  • Tribunales

    Tribunales was built as a result of González Videla’s Plan Serena.

  • Municipalidad

    Pop your head inside to check out photos of the city's past.

  • Casa de la Cultura

    Features works by regional artists and a 2nd-floor assemblage of local artifacts, including minerals and fossils. Outside, the restored El Andes was built…

  • Zoológico Nacional

    The dinky Zoológico Nacional houses an aging bunch of neglected animals. It is, however, probably the only place in Chile where you are assured a glimpse…

  • Museo Regional Salesiano

    Especially influential in settling the region, the Salesian order collected outstanding ethnographic artifacts, but their museum touts their role as…

  • Torreón de los Canelos

    The inaccessible Torreón de los Canelos, which dates from the 17th century, is one of a couple of turrets can be seen around town east of the bus terminal.

  • Londres 38

    Explore the dark history of the early days of the Pinochet regime at this former detention center. There are both guided and unguided tours.

  • Mercado Municipal

    A covered market with artisan crafts in addition to local produce sold on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • Mirador Diego Portales

    You can see all of central Valpo's colorful hills from the Mirador Diego Portales in the east of town.

  • Torreón del Barro

    Torreón del Barro is from a Spanish fort built in 1774. It's closed to the public.