Must-see attractions in Chile

  • Fábrica de Alfombras

    The skilled Chilote textile workers fed the success of the 1947 German carpet factory, still weaving high-end handmade rugs. They are sold online, but…

  • Barrio El Puerto

    In the west of El Plan, Barrio El Puerto (the port neighborhood) has the twin honors of being the oldest part of Valparaíso and the most run-down…

  • Museo Histórico y de Armas

    Atop Morro de Arica, this museum recounts a key battle that took place on this hillside in 1880 during the War of the Pacific. There'a a collection of…

  • Papa Vaka Petroglyphs

    About 100m off the coastal road (look for the sign), you'll find a couple of massive basaltic slabs decorated with carvings featuring a tuna, a shark, an…

  • Parque Saval

    Parque Saval on Isla Teja has a riverside beach and a pleasant trail that follows the shoreline of Laguna de los Lotos, covered with lily pads. It's a…

  • Museo Intercultural Trawupeyüm

    A sparse but informative museum of Mapuche culture housed in a modern interpretation of a mountain ruka, a traditional circular Mapuche dwelling oriented…

  • Centro Cultural Augustín Ross

    This three-story cultural center is housed in a gorgeous building that used to be the town's casino. Rotating art exhibits make a welcome break from beach…

  • Yelcho Replica

    Near the entrance to the military quarters is a replica of the original bow of the ship that rescued Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition from…

  • Museo Histórico

    Worth a quick visit, this is a crash course in local history, with archaeological artifacts, a Yaghan canoe, Tehuelche bolas (throwing weapon) and…

  • Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

    The imposing and colorful 1915 Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón, overlooking downtown from a promontory, is based on the Marienkirche of the Black Forest,…

  • Museo Arqueológico

    The small Museo Arqueológico contains some interesting pre-Columbian pottery displayed in dusty exhibit cases. Much of it comes from the Aconcagua Valley.

  • Playa Pea

    For a little dip, the tiny beach at Playa Pea, on the south side of Caleta Hanga Roa, fits the bill (though it's more of a rocky cove than a sandy oasis).

  • Calluqueo Glacier

    This glacier descending from the southeast flanks of Monte San Lorenzo has only recently become a tourist attraction. It requires boat access and a guide.

  • Shell Holes & Dresden Plaque

    Commemorating the battle between the British naval vessels Glasgow, Kent and Orama, and the German cruiser Dresden.

  • Catedral de Puerto Montt

    Built entirely of alerce in 1856, this church, located on the Plaza de Armas, is the town's oldest building and one of its few attractive ones.

  • Mercado Puerto

    Long defunct (and home to a pack of street cats), El Puerto's beautifully restored food market should be open again by the time you read this.

  • Iglesia La Matriz

    Classically inspired church, allegedly sacked by Sir Francis Drake in the 16th century. The fourth construction is the one you see today.

  • Terraza Bellavista

    Near the top of the funicular is the Terraza Bellavista, where there are a few snack stands and extraordinary views across the city.

  • Iglesia Catedral

    The handsome neoclassical Iglesia Catedral dates from 1844; it also has a sobering museum of religious art.