Bus Station in Arica

Terminal Internacional de Buses

Terminal Internacional de Buses, one of Arica's two main bus terminals and next door to Terminal Rodoviario de Arica, handles international and some regional destinations. The area is notorious for petty thievery, s…
Airport in Arica

Aeropuerto Internacional Chacalluta

This airport is 18km north of Arica, near the Peruvian border. Santiago-bound passengers should sit on the left side of the plane for awesome views of the Andes and the interminable brownness of the Atacama Desert.
Train Station in Arica

Estación Ferrocarril Arica-Tacna

Trains to Tacna (CH$3800, 1½ hours) depart at 9am and 7:15pm every day. Remember to set your clock back: there's a one-hour time difference in Peru.
Airline in Arica


LATAM has direct daily flights to Santiago (from CH$46,000, 2½ hours).
Taxi in Arica

Lynn Tour

Offers the usual array of tours; also provides airport transfers.
Airline in Arica


Sky has flights to Santiago (around CH$40,000).
Car Rental in Arica


At the airport.
Car Rental in Arica


Bus Station in Arica

Terminal Rodoviario de Arica